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Beautiful on the inside = active ingredients on the outside
Written by Betsy
Thursday, 15 July 2010 23:54

As the natural and organic cosmetics arena becomes increasingly crowded and distribution goes mainstream, Kairos Consumers sought to investigate the relevance of product claims and retail positioning to consumers. These products command a growing presence in not only Trader Joe's and Whole Foods but also drugstore chains like Walgreen's and CVS and beauty retail chains including Sephora.

Visits to a diverse range of retailers illustrated that organic as it relates to cosmetics - in brand names and on packaging - seemingly lacks a clear definition, with even sales managers struggling to qualify or quantify the term with ingredient verifications and percentages.

Kairos Consumers asked consumers to define natural and organic cosmetics in their own words, and to lend some perspective on how manufacturers and retailers currently position these products. Among the insights shared:

  • Effectiveness takes precedence, even to faithful organic consumers

  • Premium prices call for products on par with conventional premium cosmetics

  • Safe, good and certified are not necessarily straightforward in product claims


Who is the organic cosmetics consumer? How can retailers gain trust in the organic market?

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