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Satisfying the smallest diners...and their parents
Written by Betsy
Monday, 19 July 2010 21:33

The NRA Show and the industry at large devoted much attention to key restaurant decision-makers: kids. Pleasing kids and their equally-fussy parents can make or break a successful chain, and "kid friendliness" rivals the Zagat metrics (food, décor, service and cost) when it comes to winning ever-precious family dollars.

Panelists at the NRA Show noted that the menu comes first, with 90% of parents claiming they would prefer if their children would eat healthier/better-for-you food. Branding menu items, offering adult options in sizes for both older and younger children and making the dining experience interactive serve as just a few methods to satisfy families.

A winning formula reaps benefits, including recommendation through parent-trusted resources such as Which restaurants are leading the kid-friendly charge? We share some best practices in our July 2010 Kairos Learning on Kids Dining, found at

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