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Effectiveness matters, even to organic consumers, reveals Kairos Consumers
Thursday, 03 June 2010 21:04

In its newly launched study, Kairos Consumers evaluates the organic and natural cosmetics market in the US through the eyes of consumers.

The study revealed that safety and product claims are important as influencing cosmetics purchasing criteria among consumers. Safe cosmetics were defined as known natural brands with expansive distribution. Also, safe cosmetics are free of bad ingredients such as parabens, dyes and chemicals and are products that friends recommend. These same cosmetics are premium priced. Consumers participating in the study did not come close to a consensus regarding a central body or certification for cosmetics products that communicated safety.

A key highlight of the Kairos study is that consumers express confidence in specific retailers and brands when discussing cosmetics with good? ingredients. For some, buying natural cosmetics or products free of certain ingredients has a positive emotional benefit. Retailers and brands with credibility in the naturals arena already have the trust of consumers as product lines expand, suggesting an opportunity for organic additions.

In terms of organic certification, participants tended to associate the USDA Organic label only with food. Kairos Consumers found that certified organic classification has credibility, although education is needed.

The Kairos Study on organic and natural cosmetics is now available online. Visit the Kairos Now section on to download the study now at no cost.

ABOUT KAIROS CONSUMERS: Kairos Consumers is market research agency based in Chicago, Il, US which focuses on the design, management and analysis of global qualitative consumer and B2B research studies.

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