Healthy vending and kiosks showing vigor thanks to health and wellness demand
Written by Betsy
Sunday, 10 October 2010 13:20

Over the past six months, Kairos Consumers has noted the influx of juice and smoothie brands into health clubs and gyms, be it in the form of vending machines or small kiosks. Distribution through these alternative channels is not only withstanding curtailed impulse purchasing seen during the recession; it suggests additional opportunities for other “alternative” distribution channels. At the Green Festival in Chicago this past May, probiotic fruit drink exhibitor GoodBelly ( indicated that it will focus intently on this sector of the market over the short term. Aside from a captive audience – health and wellness consumers – the alternative distribution channels like health clubs offer cost advantages. Moreover, the style of display, whether healthy vending machines or small kiosks, has advantages in related venues as well. This week Nation’s Restaurant News ( profiled the business model of Emerald City, which has cut entry costs in half by placing kiosks in gyms and other venues. Stay tuned...

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